Monday, March 23, 2009

Wood Type for Sale

Malcolm Dean has an enormous collection of wood type--373 fonts, plus 129 related items--and it's up for sale.

"What I learned is that a collection, like any work of art, is alive, and grows and changes according to the attention you give it," he says. "If I had the time, I'd cull some sections of the collection, and build others up, especially the strong simple faces I like best--the antiques, the gothics, the early Page fonts, and especially those of Vanderburgh & Wells. I'd gradually move the collection toward the goal I once had in mind: a thousand fonts that represent the designs I most love." But he no longer has the time. Now, he'd like to find a good home for the collection with someone "who will appreciate it, and care for it, and carry it forward."

Contact him at for more info, or download the prospectus: WOOD TYPE INVENTORY FINAL reduced.pdf.


caroline duke said...

this is a silly question, i am sure, but i am new to letterpress and this is one question i haven't been able to answer.

does all type fit all presses? or, for example, do you have to have certain kelsey wood or metal type for a kelsey press?

i apologize for my ignorance!

Ladies of Letterpress said...

The most important measurement is type high--.918"--so as long as the type, or whatever you're printing, is no more than .918", you're good.

dave said...

Excuse the intrusion but...I'm a Graphics teacher in CT (with lots of girls in my classes) and I'm trying to find a really inexpensive, working Kelsy, Chraftsman, Pilot or other hand press for die cutting.
I'd be willing to swap for quoins, furniture, galleys, leads, slugs and the like. I could probably pay a token amount as well.