Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey--we're over here!

Looking for Ladies of Letterpress? We're over here, at We have over 1500 members, and are growing every day. So much so, that we're having a conference too: Come on over and visit!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ladies of Letterpress Scholarship

Because we care about preserving the craft of letterpress printing, Ladies of Letterpress has created a scholarship fund to help defray costs for members interested in taking classes, working in internships/apprenticeships, go to conferences, or other educational activities related to letterpress. Through this scholarship, we want to assist members as they continually grow, learn, and educate others about letterpress printing.

Submission Guidelines:

- We only accept submissions from current members of Ladies of Letterpress.

- The class/educational opportunity must already be scheduled (we can’t make assumptions about possible future events).

- The class/educational opportunity must be related to letterpress printing, or running a letterpress printing business.

- Please share your experience with us! The scholarship recipient must report back after completion of the class/educational opportunity with descriptions and photos of the experience, posted on the Ladies of Letterpress site.

- The scholarship is for $300. If the entire amount isn’t needed, remaining $ will go to a 2nd recipient.

- The scholarship recipient will be reimbursed after the expenses have been paid. Please keep a receipt and send us a copy.

Please answer the following questions:

- Tell us the title, teacher, place and date of the class you want to take (or describe the apprenticeship/internship opportunity):

- What is the cost? (tell us if it’s for tuition, housing, travel, etc.)

- How will this class help you with printing or with your printing business? (please describe in 300 words or less).

Send your responses as a pdf file to by May 15, 2010.
Winner(s) will be announced June 1, 2010.

Feel free to pass this info along to friends, colleagues, schools and community print shops!