Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is that a cutter on your table?

The paper cutter may be the most important piece of equipment in your shop. In the dark, early days of our shop, we drove reams of paper to a sympathetic offset shop three blocks away, and they duly cut all our super thick cotton stuff down to whatever strange sizes we needed--and we picked up the tab for the blade sharpening. Eventually, this got old. In about a year. And, just in time, a cutter became available--not the one here, but a Triumph 5250A, and we've never looked back. It's not terribly industrial, but it still feels like a luxury to be able to cut our own paper. I've heard from many other new printers that the cutter is sort of an afterthought: they're not sexy, they're not old, they don't print anything . . . and, maybe just as importantly, modern, electric ones don't often come with the old shop you're getting for pennies on the dollar. This one was mentioned on the Letpress Listserv last week, and it seems like a good, compact, option for a small shop. And apparently used ones are all over the Internets. What's your cutter story?

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bridal buzz said...

I've seen a model similar to this at the office max impress department. I've had them cut a few small things for me and I have to say, it's accurate an clean, so I'm all about it!