Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Letpress, I hardly knew ye

You all know about the Letterpress Listserv, right? Otherwise known as Letpress, it's an old school daily e-newsletter with more than a thousand subscribers worldwide. Among them are men and women who grew up printing, worked in all areas of the printing trade, belonged to unions, work for paper or type companies, started and closed businesses, and otherwise still pass the time shooting the breeze and answering questions about letterpress. Thare's a lot of b.s., of course, as happens when you get any big group of people together, but there's also invaluble information from printers who have been at work from five months to fifty years. I've learned so many workarounds and solutions to my printing issues there over the years, from where to get Pantone mixes in tubes, to how to fix an unbalanced paper cutter, to what to do with old type metal. If you have a question about letterpress, ask here, of course, but also ask Letpress!

I'll post good pieces of info from the Listserv here from time to time, too.

To subscribe, send an email (no subject) that reads SUBSCRIBE LETPRESS to LISTSERV@listserv.unb.ca. To keep the deluge of messages in check, you can subscribe in a digest, so you get one big email every day--send a message that says SET LETPRESS DIGEST to the same address.

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